Hurricanes and destruction, economic uncertainty, concern about the future of our community...   Galveston has endured a lot of hardship, but now is the time for our community to reclaim its proud heritage and identity.   

When we are overcoming with troubles, we need affirmation.  We need an opportunity to marvel at inspiring accomplishments from the past. We need to be reminded of what is unique and special about life in our city.   That’s why we are presenting these concerts.  We’re offering music in these amazing places to fascinate and to inspire. 

Contemplate the charm of a historic building - the craftsmen who conceived and constructed such an awesome place.  Appreciate the brilliant engineering that has allowed this structure to withstand decades of punishing storms.   Appreciate the devoted stewards that work tirelessly to preserve this landmark. 

Remember the years of solitary, sometimes tedious, practice that prepare a musician’s performance.  Remember a musician’s teachers, and remember the generations of tradition that are the foundation of that player’s skill and sensibilities.

Consider the instrument, and the extraordinary, specialized people that have devoted their lives to building, repairing, and maintaining these ancient musical tools.  Thinking of them, marvel that wood and hair and steel can produce otherworldly sounds.

And finally, remember the composers, whose perspectives are both mysteriously abstract yet universal.   They are artists who are fluent in a language that is borderless and timeless.   They are mathematicians, philosophers, and theologians. 

Where else -- when can one experience such a miraculous collaboration, such an inspiring collection of human accomplishments?

We hope these simple concerts provide Galveston with some affirmation on the road to recovery.  We hope these concerts highlight what has enduring value, even during difficult times.    We hope these concerts create an opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate Galveston’s heritage and resilient spirit.